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Last Update : 2020-11-25

About Alwan

Alwan 94.5 FM

Alwan 94.5 FM , is profit initiative owned by “ATHEER FOR MEDIA Company Ltd.”, it was established by a group of professionals with significant experience in media and press industry, at April 2003, under authorization of ministry of Telecommunication and IT – Palestine, the station located at the center of Gaza city.

The creators of Alwan 94.5 FM have a mature view of the Media industry and want to extend that experience for the benefit of its clients, and to provide an advance vocational media services.

We strive to merge the best services and creative ideas in an effort to solve the career requirements of our clients. With dedicated employees using extensive resources, we work to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

From the very 1 st day of our inception and from the first client interaction the eventual delivery on our promises, we have continually evolved, adapted and innovated to help our clients realize their goals. This, in turn, has made us achieve our ambition of “always exceeding customer expectations ".

Alwan 94.5 FM has the capacity to touch everywhere across the GAZA City, including rural areas. In short, Alwan 94.5 FM will have the largest coverage from any private radio channel in the GAZA City.

Alwan 94.5 FM Company plans to take FM radio as a medium of entertainment not only to the key metros, but also to virgin markets that have never before experienced this medium of entertainment.


We aim to be globally known and respected as a "Media & Entertainment Services Provider" company which provides high value services along with enhances the capabilities of customers in a cost effective manner.


The mission of Alwan 94.5 FM is to promote the Palestinian culture. Our overall mission is to educate, to inform and to entertain our listening audience by providing public relation audio services for the community, and by broadcasting local, regional and national programs and by sharing a diverse music format.

We will work together to:

Key Services

Alwan 94.5 FM offers integrated entertainment and Media services, ranging from surveying to assessing; preparing, editing and managing projects for our customer's media requirements. We have a distinguish manner in our media nature, and our program didn't following any Ethic, Political, or parties.

Our radio programs are designed to promote the Palestinian culture including –and not limited to- social, awareness, development, news, culture, sport, and advertisement programs.



Contact Us


Thank you for your interest in learning more about our company. We care about your questions and concerns, please call

(9708) 2849388, or via SMS 37287

(Saturday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Jerusalem Time)

or Follow US at

Main Office

Alwan Radio

  • Address: Shawa & Housari Building, 11th Floor,Wehda St, Gaza-Palestine.
  • Phone: + (970 8) 284 9388
  • Fax : + (970 2) 297 7429
  • General Inquiries: info@atheer.ps

Mailing address

Alwan Radio
P.O. Box xyz
Gaza, Palestine





International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
World Health Organization (WHO)
Save The Children
The German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
Islamic Relief Palestine
هيئة الإغاثة و المساعدات الإنسانية التركية - IHH
Agriculture Development Association (PARC)
Palestinian Medical Relief Society
Palestine News Network PNN
BBC - Trust
Deutsche Welle - DW
The Independent Commision For Human Rights (ICHR)
Aldameer Association for Human Rights
Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR)
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights
Hadaf Center For Human Rights
Elwedad Society for Community Rehabilitation
Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP)
Ard Elinsan Association
Women’s Affairs Center - Gaza
Sharek Youth Forum
AlJazeera Media Training & Development Center
Al-Quds Open University
Islamic University in Gaza (IUG)


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